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Fifth Open All-Russian Igumnov Competition of Young Pianists
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    The competition consists of rounds:

    • there are 2 rounds in junior groups;
    • there are 3 rounds in teen-age and senior groups.
  • For all age groups the first round is eliminatory one. It is held by video correspondence (video cassette, DVD disk) on August 20–25th, 2008.
  • The second and the third rounds of the competition are held in Lipetsk on November 11–15th, 2008.
  • To take part in the competition it is necessary to send to organizing committee (“The Igumnov K.N. educational and methodological center of education”, Ul. Semashko, 1, Lipetsk city, 398002) not later than August 1, 2008 (according to the post stamp):
    1. an application form;
    2. a video cassette or DVD disk with the program of the first round;
    3. a copy of birth certificate (passport);
    4. a reference from the educational institution;
    5. two colour portrait photos 9x12sm, suitable for publication;
    6. Video cassettes or DVD disks and the documents are not given back.

  • A half–full set of documents or documents, received after abovementioned date, are not considered.
  • Those, who allowed to the second round, are informed by organizing committee during September, 2008.
  • The participants from Russia, come for the second round, submit a receipt of admission fee payment at the rate of 1000 rubles. The participants from who came from the CIS and other foreign countries pay admission fee at the rate of 1000 rubles when registered. The bank details of the organizing committee will be reported additionally in case the participant is allowed to the second round.
  • All compositions are played by heart.
  • The order of performance is defined by draw and held true till the end of the competition.
  • According to the jury decision 6 competitors of the second round from each age group will only be allowed to the third round of the competition.
  • The competitors will be supplied by rehearsal classes for self-preparation and music hall for acoustic rehearsal (according to timetable before each round)
  • Competitive performances are played in the hall by means of the concert grand pianos of Steinway and C.Bechstein firms (at the option).

You mast read regulations before.

Phone numbers

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